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About Me

About Me

Angela and familyMy name is Angela Turner and this site is where I enjoy sharing organizing tips, ideas, and fun projects with those who want to read along.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am a daughter of The King through Jesus Christ. I spend lots of time on my knees, at His feet and in His Word (The Bible) because I have SO much to learn. I am definitely a work in progress and if you look at me and think I have it “all together,” you aren’t looking close enough. I try my best to be real, open, honest, and transparent – mostly because I am terrible at pretending to be something I’m not.

I feel SO very blessed that God has created and called me to be a…

wife, mother, writer, and professional organizer who loves diy and crafting.

To go ahead and answer one of the organizing questions I get most…Yes, I am a Professional Organizer, but NO, my home is NOT maintained flawlessly all the time. It always makes me laugh when people assume, or ask that because of what I do. Yes, I absolutely LOVE walking into a cluttered area and turning it into a peaceful, beautiful and functional space, but I also live with 2 teenagers – enough said? They have organizational systems in place in each of their rooms, but I am not (nor do I want to be) the kind of mother who polices every gum wrapper. I can also make a big mess of my own when I am in the middle of working on a fun, creative project.

So…if you are looking for a site that encompasses relaxed, real-life, tried and true ideas and inspiration – you came to the right place!