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Christmas Planner Tutorial – 3-Ring Binder

Having one place to keep all my Christmas plans organized is such a HUGE help!

Here are a couple of planner options you can easily put together with a free printable download beautifully designed by my amazingly talented friend Susan.  Thanks again Susan!!!


Keep reading for the 3-Ring Binder tutorial or go HERE for the composition notebook option.

What I used:


3-Ring Binder

2 sheets of patterned paper

14 inches of ribbon

Divider tabs (you can use scraps of paper, ribbon, labels…)

3-Ring Binder printables (I printed mine on white cardstock.)

Adhesive, 3-hole punch


First, I cut the 12×12 sheets of paper down to fit in the clear front and back pockets of my binder.  I used one of the left over strips to trim to fit in the spine.  I love this paper from the Merry Merry pack by The Paper Studio.  No, I sadly do not get paid to say that. (;


Next, I cut out the cover printable.


I added about 14 inches of ribbon down one side of the binder cover and used my tape runner to stick it in place.  I wrapped the ends around the edges of the paper to give it a finished look and secured the ends of the ribbon at the back with tape.

completed cover

Then, I used adhesive to stick the cover printable on top of the ribbon, and slid my finished cover into place.


Next, I punched my dividers and added them to the inside of the binder.


Tabs can be added to your dividers in a number of different ways.  Ribbon folded over and stapled looks really pretty, but it can be hard to write on.  Rectangles or circles of colored cardstock folded over and stapled works great too, but I used some chalkboard labels I found at Hobby Lobby.  See them in the picture on the left side of the binder?


They were already sticky, so I just folded them over to stick them on.


I used a silver Sharpie to write on the tabs, and my binder was ready to keep all of my Christmas plans organized!


Here it is!  I love that this planner will help me keep my focus on Jesus throughout my planning process.  After all, that’s what CHRISTmas is all about. (:



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