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Christmas Planner Tutorial – Composition Notebook

Having one place to keep all your Christmas plans organized is such a HUGE help!

Here are a couple of planner options you can easily put together with some free printable downloads beautifully designed by my amazingly talented friend Susan. 

Thanks again Susan!!!


Keep reading for the composition notebook tutorial or go HERE for the 3-Ring Binder tutorial.

What I used:supplies

A composition notebook

4 sheets of patterned paper

38 inches of ribbon

Divider tabs (you can use scraps of paper, ribbon, labels…)

6×9 Catalog Envelopes (1 or 2)

Composition notebook printables (I printed mine on white cardstock)

Adhesive, stapler, paper cutter, 3/4 inch circle punch, mini hole punch, corner rounder


First, I attached the ribbon to the composition notebook, making sure the ends of the ribbon were even for tying.


Next, I marked where I needed to trim my paper to cover the front and back of the notebook.  Once the paper was cut to size, I used my corner rounder to round the two outside corners to match the notebook.


Here is what it looks like so far.  The back looks just like the front.


I also papered the inside covers of the notebook.  I really like these papers from the Merry Merry pack by The Paper Studio.  I found this paper pack half off at Hobby Lobby.  No, sadly I do not get paid to say that. (;


Next, I cut my dividers to size and added them to my notebook.  I just used adhesive to stick them to one of the pages of notebook paper.


Then, I stapled them with a few extra pages (5 or so) of the notebook paper added to the back for support.


Tabs can be added to your dividers in a number of different ways.  Ribbon folded over and stapled looks really pretty, but you can’t write on it very easily.  Rectangles or circles of colored cardstock folded over and stapled works great too, but I used some chalkboard labels I found at Hobby Lobby.  They were already sticky, so I just folded them over to stick them on.


I used a silver sharpie marker to write on my tabs.


I wanted to add a pocket to hold receipts.  I found these at Office Depot (I also got my composition notebook there).


Here it is stuck in place with my tape runner.  I also punched two mini holes in the flap of the envelope, added a small red brad (just through the top half of the envelope so it still opens), and some red and white striped string.  This will keep the contents secure while allowing the envelope to be easy to open and close.  You could also add a second envelope to the inside of the back cover for coupons…


This is how it opens.  An easy tip for using brads – I like to punch the hole where I want the brad with a large push pin.  See the purple one in the picture by my mini hole punch?  Brads don’t always punch through very easily, and this keeps me from wrinkling up my paper, or whatever I’m trying to push the brad through.


To finish the cover, I cut out the cover printable and just added a few circles I punched with a 3/4 inch circle punch.


Here it is!  I love that this planner will help me keep my focus on Jesus throughout my planning process.  After all, that’s what CHRISTmas is all about. (:

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