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Christmas Planner: Step 4 (First Half of October)

Step 4 – Deck the Halls

Below is a short list to help with organizing your December home keeping and decorating plans, BUT first I want to give you a little motivation.

In every good, calorie burning cardio class…

(Wait, have I already lost you?  I promise you won’t have to do any squats or crunches, just keep reading.)

In every good, calorie burning cardio class…you will start with a warm up and then increase your heart rate until you are really pushing yourself.  In the middle of the push your mind is already thinking about the

wonderful and






coming – if you can just hold on and keep moving forward.

Yes, that is where we are.  We are at the half way point!  You have most likely made your lists and have made some progress (getting yourself nice and warmed up), but this week is the time to kick it into high gear!  Your cool down will be enjoyed in December while you spend relaxed, special time with your family (rather than in the crowded stores, and in long lines, trying to finish needed details).

Use this half way mark to motivate yourself in a big way!!!

Check your gift (and stocking) list and challenge yourself to get more done in this week and next week than you have any other week so far.  If you are working on Christmas cards, make some major progress on getting them ready to mail or get your e-card ready to post.  THIS is the time – Don’t waste it!  Don’t allow yourself to get three weeks down the road and say, “I really wish I had utilized October better.”  This is your window of opportunity.  Be determined to take advantage of it!

While you are making major progress on your gift, stocking and card lists think through your home keeping and decorations as well.  Here are a few easy ways to do that…

Deck the Halls

  1. Think ahead about your December décor.  This is the time to pick up anything you may need.  Do you remember lights not working on your garland last year, or needing a new front door wreath…?  Now is the time to shop for those things; while the stores are newly stocked with Christmas items and not yet picked over.  I always find things in October and the first part of November that are totally gone by December.  Plan your decorations now and enjoy having a great selection.
  2. Think about creative ways to add scripture to your decorations.  I LOVE doing this!!!  After I get all my decorations out and up I will be posting pictures of the ways I use scripture throughout my home at Christmastime.  For a list of CHRISTmas scriptures to help get your creativity flowing go here.
  3. If you know you would like to utilize some professional cleaning help during the month of December (maybe after a party or before overnight guests arrive), go ahead and get on their calendar now.  Those dates fill up with these services fast, so get on their calendar now.  Don’t want to spend the money to have a professional cleaning service?  Trade cleaning days with a friend.  Set up a time that you will both clean her house and then another time when you will both clean yours.  It’s always easier with help and much more fun with a friend.
  4. Will you be hanging lights outside?  Again, if you utilize professional help go ahead and get on their calendar now.  If there is anything you will need new, go ahead and grab it this week.

Push yourself now!  The cool down is coming and it is going to be sooooo sweet.

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