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Christmas Planner: Step 5 (Second Half of October)

Step 5 – Claim your Calendar

It’s time to claim, stakeout, protect, guard and grab hold of some special time on your December calendar JUST for you and your family…


Usually by now calendar dates are beginning to get set – parties at the office and at school are being planned, travel arrangements are in the making, and your December calendar is starting to take shape.

THIS is the perfect time to stake your claim on some fun family time together.  Maybe you and your family enjoy watching a favorite Christmas movie with popcorn and hot chocolate, or maybe you always like to take a drive around the neighborhood to see the lights and decorations, or maybe there is something you would like to plan that you have never done before.  You can think about the specifics of what you will do, but NOW is the time to go ahead and pick some dates and pencil it in.

I know what you are thinking – But I don’t know all our December dates yet, what if I pick a date and something else comes up…  I am sure most of us are in that boat.  It is impossible to know everything that will come up in advance, but I have found that if I go ahead and list those special nights on my calendar they are much more likely to happen.

Think about it this way…if you have a dentist appointment scheduled on your calendar and something new comes up during that appointment time you either

– Decline the new event

– See if the new event can be moved to another time

– Reschedule the appointment

None of those options make the appointment optional, but what if you didn’t have the appointment recorded on your calendar in the first place?  Are you likely to remember?  How likely is it that you will accidentally forget your plan and schedule over it?

Now let me ask you one more question – Is special time with your family just as (or more) important than a dentist appointment?

Of course it is!  So give special times with family the priority it deserves.  Go ahead and add them to your calendar.  Reschedule if needed, but be determined not to allow them to be crowded off your calendar by less important events.

Ideas might be a family movie night watching a favorite Christmas movie with popcorn and hot chocolate, a night to drive around to see the Christmas lights, tickets to a special Christmas play or program, a night you will serve as a family in a local soup kitchen, a day to purchase and deliver angel tree gifts to a family in need…

Think through the fun things you want to do in December and claim your time now.  You will be so glad you did!

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