Easy Valentine Craft with Jars

This may be the EASIEST thing I have ever made and I LOVE how it turned out.


I first saw it on this super cute blog here.

All you need is a jar, doilie, red paper and red and white twine.

I got everything at Hobby Lobby, well, not the jar.  This one came from the recycling bin.  I think it had pickles in it! (:

Just cut your red paper heart and lay it on top of the doilee.  Put them on the front of the jar and wrap the twine around several times.  I just tied the string it in a small knot in the back.


That is it!  It is really beautiful as is, but I also love how versatile this little jar can be.

You could make several in different heights and sizes to use as mantle decorations

Add sugar or salt and candles inside for your bedside tables

Add pencils and pens to give as a teacher gift

Put flowers in it

Fill with candy

Write love notes to put inside to give as a sweet gift…endless possibilities!!!

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