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Giving the Greatest Gift

Giving the Greatest Gift

Itwas December of 2010 when the door burst open and two sweet kids ran through and gave me a big hug.  Their faces were lit up with excitement as they told me of the great time they had at Gram and Grandpa’s house!  Gram and Grandpa, carrying mountains of toys and clothes, were just stepping into the house when my six year old daughter pulled me aside.

“Mom,” she said quietly while trying to contain a huge grin, “I’m a Christian now.”

“What? … How? … When?!?” was all I could muster out while squeezing her tightly.

“One night after Gram put me to bed, I asked Jesus to come into my heart,” she replied.

What a day of rejoicing!  As time went on, her dad and I noticed a huge change in her.  Not only was her heart brand new, the wisdom that poured from her was astonishing!  Here my little six year old was truly transformed by the grace of God.

My heart as a Mom is that EVERY boy and girl around the world would get the chance to meet Jesus and have their lives transformed!

  Are you with me?  Wouldn’t that be the GREATEST GIFT?  Imagine giving the gift of the GOSPEL this Christmas! Now here’s some GREAT news…

$20 can take the Gospel to 10-15 people in South Sudan!

How is that possible?  God is doing amazing things though a non-profit organization called Every VillageEvery VillageThe mission of Every Village is to bring glory to God through the transformation of every village in South Sudan by the spread of the gospel and community development.  How do I know about this organization?  As it turns out, the Executive Director, Peter Swann, is my brother and one of my all-time favorite people!   I have had the privilege of volunteering with Every Village for about six years.

South Sudanese childrenIn South Sudan, illiteracy is rampant so handing someone a Bible (although it’s doubtful you could find one in their language) is useless.  So instead, Every Village built radio towers that broadcast news, health and hygiene information, and most importantly Bible stories so everyone can hear about Jesus!  The broadcasts are in the local language so that there are no translation issues.  In addition, the radios that are hand-delivered to South Sudan are fix-tuned (so there’s no searching for the right station) and solar-powered (no need to have batteries) so they are perfect for the people.

At night, most Sudanese gather with other family members around their campfire and tell stories.  Since the Every Village radio project began, we are seeing radios being placed next to the campfire so that 10-15 people are listening to the gospel coming out of just one radio!  The stories of lives transformed currently coming out of South Sudan are amazing!  Will you be a part of it?

Give the gift that will broadcast the Greatest Gift!

Here’s a great video that explains it:

PURCHASE ONE OR MORE RADIOS HERE  http://everyvillage.org/radio10Radio Christmas Card

Want to make it a Christmas gift?

DOWNLOAD YOUR CARD HERE  (be sure to download both sides) Christmas Card Front and Christmas Card Back

Notes on the card:
-Print the front on white cardstock
-Turn the cardstock over and print the back of the card
-Trim the card just inside the dotted lines
-Fold the card in half

Thanks for letting me share about this special gift!
May your Christmas be bright and joyful!
Susan Kiser

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