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Men’s Bible Bookmark

Finding handmade gift ideas for men is always hard, but this idea seemed to be a big hit – sometimes the simplest things mean the most.


I started with a pre-cut, craft bookmark from Hobby Lobby.

Added what I wanted it to say – I gave the ladies at the Craft Night 2 options to choose from.  They are both below.


Added some distress ink to the edges.

I considered dressing it up with some ribbon or buttons…and came to the conclusion that it really just needed to remain flat so there would be nothing bulky to lay on the delicate Bible pages…, but what about pictures?  Adding small pictures to the back would be a fun addition – either one long picture or a few little ones in a line like a film strip…  Another idea could be allowing the kids to write notes on the back or little ones could make finger print animals…

It also fits perfectly in a long jewelry box as a special gift for your husband, dad, brother…


Here is what I wrote for these bookmarks…

 Option 1:

Many times I’ve watched

as you opened your Bible

and turned through the pages.

 Many times I’ve been blessed

by the wisdom you have

read and applied.

Many times I’ve asked

your advice, knowing it would come

straight from the heart of scripture.

Many times I’ve admired

who you are,

and appreciated the

time you spend there.

Use this bookmark in your Bible

to keep your place.

Every time you see it remember,

you are loved, admired and appreciated

for the man you choose to be.

Option 2:

This bookmark was made for your Bible.

I hope it will help to hold your place.

I know God’s Word is a

consistent presence in your life.

I so admire and appreciate that

about you.

I pray that every time you see

this you will be reminded

of how much you are loved and respected

for the man you are.

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