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Need Help with the Laundry?

If you struggle to keep up with your laundry,  asking yourself these 2 questions can really help!

1.  How easy it is for me to get the laundry into the washer?
Do you have to go to multiple rooms and multiple hampers to gather the dirty laundry and towels?  How about sorting?  Do you have an easy way to sort the whites from the darks…?  Do you have to struggle to pull a loaded hamper or basket down the stairs and into the laundry room?  If so, this could be one of the major reasons your laundry system isn’t working.  Consider some ways to make this process easier.

  • Could you put one hamper in a spot that everyone can use rather than having a hamper in multiple rooms?
  • How about using a divided hamper so everyone can sort the laundry as it is tossed in?
  • A smaller collapsible hamper can be stored by or near the large hamper and used to easily take one already sorted load to the washer.

There are lots of ways to make the laundry gathering process easier!

2. Do I have too many clothes, sheets and/or towels?
Our immediate response is to answer “No way!”, but if you are struggling to stay on top of your laundry, this really could be the problem.  We have to admit that sometimes the thing motivating a load of laundry being washed is the fact that there are no more clean (fill in the blank).  I learned to use this to my advantage.  The key is – don’t let yourself have so many towels, clothes and sheets that you can ALLOW big stacks of laundry to pile up.  For example, I decided that if I could go an entire week without washing towels – we had too many towels.  Paring them down has really helped cut back on the stack of towels waiting to be washed.  *I do have a stash of extra towels in case of an emergency or overnight guests.

Paring down my t-shirts means I always have a fresh and clean favorite to wear – no more wearing the ones at the bottom of the stack that I really didn’t like anyway.  I also just have one extra set of sheets for each bed.  If I want clean sheets in a week, I have to wash the ones I just took off the bed (within that week).  It really has worked to keep me motivated and moving and I love that there is less to wash.

Now, I know you are thinking “But you are washing more often, and I don’t want to wash more often!”  I wondered the same thing as I was working to pare down.  The truth I found is that I am still washing THE SAME number of loads each week.  I washed a load of towels every couple of days before, I ran a load of clothes every day before – the difference?  No more stacks of stuff I didn’t get to!  LOVE that.

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