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Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect Peace

Frequently Asked Questions

My house is a cluttered mess!  Should I clean it up before you come?

No, please do not clean up the clutter before I come.  I compare this to going to the doctor and not telling them about your symptoms (not that I am any kind of doctor – ha!).  Part of my job is to make organizing evaluations and suggestions for the needs I see.  An easy example of this would be a stack of mail on the kitchen table.  It may just look like mail to most people, but to me it says that this person needs a nice container for their mail located in an easy to use spot.  We will also set up a system to be sure important mail is not lost or buried and junk mail quickly finds its way into the recycling bin…  If the mail is cleaned off the table before I come, I won’t be able to see this need.

When do you usually schedule clients?

I normally schedule clients for 2 or 3 hour periods during the weekdays.  My blocks of time are usually from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. or 12 p.m.-3 p.m., because I try to only work while my family is at work/school.  Occasionally I will make an exception and take an evening or Saturday client if needed.

I’d be too embarrassed to have you help me with my mess.  Any advice?

I totally understand this apprehension, but let me assure you that there is nothing to be embarrassed about.  I live with two teenagers and I promise I have seen it all.  When I walk into a space, my mind simply begins buzzing with organizational solutions.  We all find ourselves in different circumstances and in different levels of busyness at the various stages of our lives.  ANYONE can find themselves in need of organizing help.  I also feel very strongly about keeping information about my clients confidential.  I NEVER (and I really mean never) identify or discuss details about a client with anyone.  This is a strict policy of mine.

How long does organizing a room normally take?

Of course the answer to this question depends on lots of varying factors – how large is the room, how cluttered is the room, how much of what is in the room needs to be purged or gone through, is a shopping trip for organizing containers/baskets/bins needed, etc. But to give you a rough idea about time . . . most lightly cluttered, regular sized rooms that do not need containers can be organized in a 3 hour period.

Have you ever worked with a hoarder?

It is so funny that this is one of the questions I get most.  No, I have not ever been contacted to work with a hoarder and I believe that hoarding goes much deeper than the need for organization.

If you are a professional organizer your house must always be flawlessly maintained right?

This one always makes me laugh.  Yes, my home is organized, but no, it is not always flawlessly maintained.  Maintaining an organized home requires everyone to put things where they go – and I live with two teenagers. (:  There are definitely times when I have to do some training, reminding, and maintaining at my own house.  I am really just a regular wife and mother who loves organizing.

How much of my stuff are you going to make me get rid of?

I will never make you get rid of anything.  Yes, part of my job is helping my clients separate the things they use and love from the things that are unnecessary or unneeded, but I am very careful to be sure the final decision about EVERY item is ultimately left up to the client.

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