Small Things Can Make a BIG Difference

If you are looking for a list of easy ways to make a big difference, this post is for you!

I love helping clients find little things they can easily do to have a big impact in their homes.  Small, easy adjustments can often make a big difference.  Prayer definitely falls under the easy ways to make a big difference, but we don’t always think about applying it to the rooms of our homes.  Below you will find a list of easy things you can do, and ways you can pray, to have a big impact on each area of your home.

Entry – Create an Efficient Landing Pad

Having an easy to use “landing pad” is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home better organized and clutter free.  Having an established place to put the backpacks, umbrella, purse, keys…when you walk in the door can help keep the kitchen table, kitchen counter (or other areas where all the stuff ends up) clutter free.  Using an organized landing pad will keep you from searching for your keys and the kids will know right where to go to get their backpacks and lunch boxes together.  Adding a piece of storage friendly furniture or even just a few hooks to the entry area can help in big ways.

Pray over your Entry Area:

Pray as each person enters your home they will feel welcomed.  Pray walking in the door will feel like taking in a deep breath after a long day.  Pray your home will serve as a peaceful, recharging, encouraging, place that shines Christ’s light to all who enter.

Kitchen – Establish Stations

Grouping items needed for every day tasks is one of the best organizing and time saving tips for the kitchen.  Making coffee is a great example.  If you make coffee every morning, are your coffee cups, coffee filters, and beans/ground coffee kept near the coffee maker?  How about the Kcups, bean grinder, coffee press, sweeteners and other items you use to make coffee?  Where you do keep those?  Do you have to walk all around your kitchen to make your coffee?  Create a coffee station to organize these items together to save steps and time.  Another example is making lunches.  If lunches are made on a regular basis; gather together your lunch making supplies – lunch bags, washable plastic containers, zip top baggies, napkins, plasticware, pen and notepad for lunch notes, granola bars, dried fruit snacks…  A kitchen drawer, cabinet, basket or tray, that organize these things together can save time and make routines run more smoothly – every single day.

Pray over your Kitchen:

Pray your kitchen will be a fun place filled with great conversation and laughter as meals are being prepared and served.  Praise God for plenty of food to eat.  Pray God’s Word, and His principles would be at the center of the conversations that take place over homework breaks, around the table during dinner, or as you entertain guests.

Closet – Add a Donate Basket, Bag or Bin to Every Closet

Something every closet needs is a place to put things that no longer fit or work.  This basket, bag or bin can be kept on a shelf, in the corner of the closet, or any other easy to access spot.  When it is full, simply pack up the contents and take them to the nearest donation bin.  Yes, purging twice a year (with the seasons) is a great way to keep your closet organized, but I prefer to keep the purging mentality on a continuous basis.  This is especially important with growing kid’s closets.  Many times we realize we have passed over a particular item of clothing several times, but if there isn’t a place to put it, it stays hanging in our closets.  Adding a donate basket to each closet can help maintain more organized space for the things we wear and love.  You can see a picture of my teen daughter’s donate basket by going to 

Pray over the Closets:

As you stand in front of each person’s closet, pray that as they get ready for the day they would have glorifying God at the top of their to do list.  Pray they (and you) would remember that each day is new in His mercies.

Laundry Area – A Laundry Basket for Everyone

Being sure you have a laundry basket for each person in your home will help keep your laundry room organized.  Laundry baskets are easy to stack and store.  Sort clean clothes into each person’s basket, and (if they are old enough) have them hang, fold and put them away.  Delivering baskets of clean clothes to rooms, and getting empty baskets back, simplifies the laundry process.  Want more help with laundry?  Read this post –

Pray over the Laundry Area:

Praise God that you have a washer and dryer that work, and the ability to care for your family in this way.  Praise Him that you have plenty of clothes to wear.  Ask God to help you keep this attitude of thankfulness each time you do a load of laundry.

Bedroom – Add a Pretty Place to Gather Odds and Ends

Add a pretty basket, fabric covered box or fun bin to your bedside – choose something beautiful that coordinates well with your bedroom décor.  A bottle of hand lotion, tube of lip balm, the pony tail holder you just took out of your hair, and the magazine you haven’t gotten to read can add up to a cluttered bedside area fast.  Having a visually appealing solution to gather all these little necessities together, while keeping them easy to access, can make a big difference.

Pray over the Bedrooms:

Pray that as heads hit the pillows, minds would be filled with praises to God for the many blessings of the day.  Pray each person would sleep well, and be recharged through the night.  Praise God for comfortable beds and warm blankets.

Desk – Evaluate How Efficiently You are Using Your Drawer Space

When helping clients with desks, I often find that they are not using their drawer space efficiently (or at all).  There will be piles of things, on top of the desk, while the desk drawers are filled with things they rarely use.  Do a quick purge of your drawers and evaluate what is left.  A pretty box with a lid (that can sit on a nearby bookshelf or in a cabinet) might be all you need to clear the rarely used items out of your valuable (should be used for frequently used items) drawer space.  Using desk drawers to establish homes for your regularly used things will make your desk much easier to keep cleaned off and feeling organized.

Pray over the Office Area:

Praise God for the way that He provides for you financially as you pay bills.  Ask for His wisdom in knowing how to budget what He has given appropriately.  Pray you would hear clearly, and follow in obedience, when He leads you to give.  Pray all the other correspondence you receive (delivered electronically, in an envelope, or coming home with kids…) will be easily sifted through.  Pray for God’s help in staying on top of what is truly important and letting go of the rest.

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